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The Official Tourist Guide of Guyana

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Explore Guyana 2017

Guyana possesses an unsurpassable ecotourism product. More than eighty ve percent of Guyana’s territory remains just as God made it – untouched and unspoilt. Guyana’s biodiversity is unrivalled. Our blessed country is home to more than twenty of the world’s largest creatures – including anacondas, ants, anteaters, armadillos, bats, caimans, eagles, sh, jaguars, otters, rodents, snakes, spiders, storks, toads, turtles and vultures. Nature lovers will be captivated by the thousands of species of ora and fauna to be found in Guyana, more than forty per cent of which are endemic to the Guiana’s Shield - one of the world’s last remaining and biologically diverse intact rainforests which contains 15 per cent of the world’s freshwater sources. Guyana is home to innumerable natural attractions which can be found in its complex and variegated ecosystems consisting of tropical rainforests, at coastal plains, rolling and undulating savannahs, mountain ranges, wetlands, waterfalls, rivers and creeks. We are the second ‘Garden of Eden’, rediscovered. Guyana is pursuing a ‘green path’ of development. Guyana’s ‘green development’ will make us the ‘green core’ of the continent. Ecotourism is a central platform of that trajectory. We will preserve and protect our bountiful and exceptional natural capital by establishing nature and wildlife sanctuaries and conservatories, protected areas and ecological parks. Our hotels and tourists resorts will eventually be totally powered by energy generated from renewable sources. Guyana has a Caribbean and continental heritage. We are the largest state in the Caribbean Community. We are, also, located on the north- ern shoulder of the great continent of South America. Our coastland is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and we share borders with three countries of South America – Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela. Guyana invites you – whether you are nature-lover, adventure-seeker, heritage- explorer, a student or researcher wishing to learn more about our ora and fauna or simply someone looking for a different kind of tourist experience – to come to our beautiful country and experience our unique and world-class tourism product. Guyanese, at home, should also learn and experience more of their amazing country. H.E Donald Ramotar President Republic of Guyana

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