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Explore Guyana 2015

The Official Tourist Guide of Guyana

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Explore Guyana 2016

On behalf of the people of Guyana, I welcome you to visit this unique and beautiful land of ours. I invite you to explore, discover and experience a destination full of fun and adventure that will create moments to last a lifetime. The Explore Guyana Magazine continues to promote Guyana as an ideal adventure destination and I am pleased to introduce you to the 2015 edition. This year the magazine has brought into focus Guyana’s nature-based and adventure tourism products. It is my hope that as you leisurely peruse its pages you are enticed to visit our un-spoilt wilderness and to explore our pristine forest, extensive savannahs and tumbling rapids and waterfalls. With more than 85% of the country still covered with intact forests, Guyana is home to diverse flora and fauna including many rare and endangered species. The elusive Jaguar, the largest cat and top terrestrial predator in South America; the giant river otter, the world’s largest and rarest; and the majestic harpy eagle, South America’s largest eagle and the world’s most powerful raptor are but just a few. Filled with spectacular waterfalls, including Kaieteur Falls - the world’s largest single drop waterfall; rapids; and open ranges of savannah lands we offer you an educational, fun-filled, adventure of a lifetime. Recognizing the value of our unique flora and fauna, Government has made significant efforts to conserve and protect our forest and biodiversity. Since the establishing of Kaieteur National Park in 1929, several other sites have been set up for conservation – principal among them are the Shell Beach Protected Area – the nesting area for four of the world’s eight endangered marine turtles, and the Kanuku Mountains, in the South Rupununi - known for its rich biodiversity. Guyana has also recognized that our forests are worth more alive than dead and has developed an innovative model to conserve and maintain our forest resources while pursuing low carbon economic development. This vision is outlined in a Low Carbon Development Strategy which is currently being implemented and whereby Guyana is being paid for keeping its forest alive. I wish to acknowledge the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana in promoting Guyana as a must-see tourist destination. Come and explore untamed natural beauty. Visit Guyana, South America. Undiscovered. H.E Donald Ramotar President Republic of Guyana

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